Join the club and RELX Forever

  • A minimum purchase of 2 packs of 3 pods or more qualifies you for the RLEX Club Forever Program

  • Purchase at least 2 packs of 3 pods consistently every month and enjoy discounts Forever

  • Other retail products (single pod, pack of 3 pods and starter kit) purchased with 2 packs of 3 pods are eligible for discounts as well

  • Special discounted packs such as the different Taster’s Packs are not entitled to additional discounts

  • Loyal RELX Clubbers enjoy additional perks and freebies on top of discounts

  • If you skip or miss a month to purchase the 2 packs of 3 pods, the loyalty perks are forfeited and you have to start all over again

Join the club and keep on RELXing. Choose from our 3, 6, or 12 month membership plans and we’ll take care of the rest

  • Pods will be delivered right at your doorstep on the same day each month. Best of all, it’s FREE

  • Have the freedom to choose your flavor of the month, every month. Or you could get the same ones as the previous month. It’s all up to you

  • Save as much as P4,600 when you avail of our membership plans

Got commitment issues? We gotchu

  • Buy whatever suits your taste, and budget! Single orders are also available at our web store

  • Mix and match the flavors you like! Our Taster’s Packs allows you to choose the flavors you want, or even all the flavors we have

  • There’s no need to go out of your way just to buy pods! For a minimum purchase of P1,000, we’ll deliver them to you for FREE